Velcro is not a fair word

I was told today, yet again, that I have a Velcro baby.

I’ve now heard it so many times I have stopped feeling the need to justify my parenting choice.

I’m pretty stubborn, and this has helped immensely to stick to the decisions I have made about parenting. However sometimes its all too much.

Even the most stubborn woman needs the village support to get her through the most challenging days. The problem is, you can pick your tribe, but you can’t pick your village.

Your village becomes the closest people to you when you have a babay. You lean on this village for support in the hard times. You call them in sheer desperation when you have run out of ideas to help your baby.

So what happens when this village has a different idea of what feels right to you? Questions.

You question each and every decision you make. And suddenly your relying on the people around you to hand out the right advice, because your thoughts are no longer making sense or fitting the mould of what your villageis telling you is right.

Us mums need more support to be able to trust our own instincts.

So as a new mum to someone else’s village, support her. Help her to trust her own instincts and follow her baby’s lead. It’s not important what used to work back when someone else had a baby, what’s important is this new mum finding her feet in this crazy world of parenting. Support her emotions, her fears, her physical exhaustion and allow her to respond to her baby’s needs.