Strangers are named that way for a reason

Something that absolutely grinds my Gears is when what you say as a parent is completely ignored.

I know my child’s personality now and I know what he’s like in just about every situation. He’s very sensitive and cautious at the best of times and looks for me for guidance and reassurance. In a time when I’m not directly available he relies on the person who is with him, which lets be honest, is going to someone he trusts. So when I can see him backing away from a situation it makes me feel very uneasy. The fact that I can see him backing away means that whoever has him should be able to feel him doing it and sense his reluctance. What’s worse is when I know he won’t respond well to a situation and I tell everyone around me that he won’t like that, and it’s as if I just named a challenge and everyone needs to see if I’m right as mother. 

So when I’m saying no he won’t like that and shaking my head and people are looking DIRECTLY at me and ignoring it and listening to the other people saying just try it, just put him down, and he is basically climbing up the arms to get away. It’s not funny.

He’s not just a mummy’s boy or attached to me. He’s not tired or hungry. He’s a little boy and your a stranger. 

I’m not going to make him give you a hug or a high five. I’m not going to just hand him to you and hope for the best. I’m not going to because I want him to stay weary of strangers. I want him to get to know his surroundings and the people around him before he gets close to you.

What happens when he gets older and all I have done is told him to be nice and hug the stranger or take food from the stranger, then I have to try and explain why he shouldn’t actually do those things because the bad people might use it against him. How confusing is that?!

When he is ready he will come to you, he will give you toys and talk to you and eventually let you hold him but until then I won’t ever make him come near you.


A Snack Your Little One Will Actually Eat!

I made a quick snack the other day for little A, and when I say quick, I mean he was screaming at me while I whipped it up so it was quick and easy. Im using them as a snack, however you could use them as a meal if you feel like doing something easy.

They don’t have a name, so ill call them sweet potato cakes, even though they are not cakes at all! I have used sweet potato, broccoli, and a little bit of kale, oh and a tiny bit of cheese because my boy is a cheese nut.

So this is how I made them, firstly set the oven to 180 degrees celcius fan forced, chop up a handful of sweet potato, and broccoli, and boil in a saucepan until soft. Add some finely chopped kale or spinach in for the last min or two. Once at mashing consistency, I mashed with a fork so it contains some lumps. Add one egg to help it stick together, if it looks a bit wet I add some breadcrumbs. This is when I add a tiny bit of cheese.

Once all mixed together, spoon into a freshly greased mini muffin tray (or normal muffin tray for main meal size). They won’t rise so you can fill it right up, then I put a couple of strands of cheese on top so it helps them stay together and looks yummy. Bake for around 10-15mins, under the edges pull away from the tray and the cheese is brown.


Make sure they have cooled right down before giving to your baby/kids, they will be burning hot in the centre for a while. Store the left overs in the fridge, you can serve them cold or heat them back up the next day. I would say they will last roughly a week in the fridge. And enjoy, well your babies will enjoy.


Is a sign of the end?

The last week or so I have noticed that little A seems to be nursing a lot differently. He is refusing his naps and seems more interested in what’s going on around him, to the point where he cracks a tantrum if I try to put him in a position to nurse ready for a nap. 

He isn’t nursing properly either. In saying that I did notice today that his top tooth is just about out, fingers crossed this is all it is. I will be very sad if this is beginning of self weaning. We have had a couple of ups and downs with biting lately, not the most comfortable but I’m sure it’s just because his teeth are sore. 

Whats been going on in the land of chaos?

So it has been just that lately. Chaos, since little A turned 1 he has started walking. If I think my life was busy before, now it is listed in the dictionary under chaos!

Being a boy, he is into absolutely everything and quickly. The best part is yet to come as I am discovering – he is already trying to run!

So what else has been going on? Well we checked out our first school today, yes its a bit early but in Sydney I was warned there would be massive waiting lists and the school I wanted to look at starts at prep so its really only 18months away. Very scary when you start talking about a start date let me tell you. We definitely felt like the kids among the adults today though, everyone was older than us, like a lot older. Maybe its because we were looking at a private school, I dunno, but it was interesting. Beside that, I loved the school, it looked like a wonderful place to learn as young child.

I made some delicious meals for little A, ill post those separately so you can see the recipes, and we went to the park, which was wonderful and good timing before the hit of rain.