Sometimes your the only thing they want 

My poor little boy the last few days has been not quite himself. We have just come back from a week long holiday where he was not in his usual “routine” but I’m sure something else is going on. He has been flat out wanting boob all day and night, which is very strange indeed. Like to the point where I don’t even feel like I’m filling back up in between.

Now he is usually a bit frazzled and boobie when a tooth is on its way, so that was my initial thought but I have put numerous amounts of teething gel on and it just doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I have a 3 cry limit, if I put him back into our bed 3 times within 2 hours then I start going through the checklist. But even then sometimes all he wants is just to cuddle me. To lay his head on my shoulder or fall asleep listening to my heartbeat. I can’t blame him really, when I’m not feeling myself all I want is for my partner to be home so I can cuddle up to him and relax knowing I am safe.

So I sit and wait. This is where co-sleeping has its benefits, I sit on the bed and let him fluff around trying to work out where is the most comfortable position and then I wait. I wait for him to fall asleep, to roll away from me, letting me know he is ok if I walk away now. That he feels safe and loved and understood. Sometimes when we are not quite ourselves we just need a bit of affection, and I will always be here in those times of need for my little boy.


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