Delete the Judgement – We don’t have room for that

As a new mother in this crazy world of parenting, I did what most are doing these days, and joined a parenting group – actually a few groups.

The idea that I could ask a fellow mother questions about me who-ha, or tell them how scared I was that my period was late, without having the family know seemed like a great idea.

Until you contribute.

It’s mainly the answering of questions that gets you in “trouble.” Boy oh boy, do the parenting police come out of the woodworks then.

Being attacked for your parenting decisions is the best way to make a mother feel totally inadequate. The thought of the choices you have made for your child are wrong is devastating, and according to who? Other mothers.

But before I jump into becoming one of them and judging from behind a computer, I’d like to say one thing.

I know you’ve been there too.

All alone in the middle of the right, trying to get your baby to sleep for the 10th time.

Watching them cry in pain, knowing all they want is to snuggle up in bed with you.

Crying alone because you are so torn between what you think you should do and what they say you should do.

Having red raw nipples because he’s STILL hungry.

So next time you go to point someone to a scientific website, that states why you should or shouldn’t do something.

Stop and think.

Remember the times you struggled, the things you needed to hear from these random people that you somehow had a connection with now. The encouragement, the ear to listen and the questions answered not judged.

Because being a mother is hard on everyone, and we are the hardest on ourselves.


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