Supporting a mindset change

Working out what you want to do with your life has to be one of the greatest challenges. Especially when you feel as though your meant for greater things.

That’s not to say fame or fortune is what your chasing, but you feel unsatisfied by the mundane. You are constantly searching for the exciting, adrenaline pumping action that gives you a greater sense of purpose and achievement.

What’s harder than trying to work out how to get this? Being on the supporting end.

Being the only cheerleader in the corner.

Knowing that you would do anything to make them happy and feel accomplished, if only they knew what that was.

So here’s the thing. Once someone has a moment in their life where they can experience what that rush is like for a few days, feel what it’s like to achieve goals and break down their barriers to show what they are really capable of. What is the true impact after walking away?

I’m almost tempted to say it’s a tease. 

A taste of what life can be like, but isn’t. An example of what your capable of achieving if your pushed to your absolute limit surrounded by a team a cheerleaders, only everyday your not. A show of your true colours when sleep and food deprevivation go hand in hand, but your fridge is full.

So how are you meant to support a mindset change from an experience like this when you almost look more broken than before you left? When the experience seems to have made you feel more guilty about not being as productive or achieving as much as when life wasn’t getting in the way.

The fear of failure is becoming more evident in people’s lives, but yet these experiences are not only showing you how much you can achieve if you push yourself, they are also proving how much your not achieving as a whole, and isn’t that more damaging to a persons mindset?

So how do I support a mindset change, when it seems like that change might trigger more confusion and questions than before the experience?


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