Trusting your gut

I get my best ideas when I’m doing the most mundane of activities. In the shower or on the toilet, the best ones are when I’m hanging out the washing. Strange right?

Well there might be some science to it (at least I’m calling it science, lets see what you think). It seems to be the only time my brain shuts off my to do list, don’t ask me why, if I knew I would definitely be utilizing that shit for sleep time!

Anyway, my brain likes reflect on experiences I’ve been through or thoughts I have had on the fly that almost represent a business opportunity or career option etc.

A lot of the time, my head telling me what I ‘should’ do pushes these out. But according to whom? Well these ‘should’ excuses are justifying to myself why I haven’t or wont start this new venture; this person says the progression isn’t great, that person says it’s a hard industry to be in and sometimes I just have no reason.

I have read that these excuses are also doing a great job of masking our gut feeling. A gut feeling that should be listened to, however we have learnt to ignore it and just make a decision as quickly as possible, something that comes with the world moving at an all time fast pace.

So here’s something we can try together. List the times that your gut feeling has come through for you, and maybe even times you can recall your gut telling you the opposite of what you decided. I think I know what mine will look like before I even put pen to paper.


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