Exercising with a toddler – even the pros agree it’s hard work

We compromise to make it work.

My workouts are often hindered by Archie being strapped to my back. We make it work, but not because I want him there. Because I have to so that I can do something for me.

It’s the only thing I do each week that isnt 100% Archie, but let’s be honest, it’s still 50% him.

I don’t get to workout like everyone else, I can’t get in the zone completely and block out the world while pumping iron with my headphones on. I can’t always workout for as long as I want, and I can’t just go when I feel like going.

When I’m there, I spend my time making sure he is not hungry or thirsty in between sets. I check that he’s not too hot or too cold. And sometimes we even talk while I’m deadlifting.

But I can’t let that be my excuse.

I back carry him for most of my workouts, I still push as hard as I can when I can. I still lift weights, and carry one too. I am achieving new PBs every week, and slowly but surely proving to everyone who sees me that I don’t have an excuse I have a reason.

A reason to be fit and healthy, a reason to show what determination looks like and how it pays off and a reason to keep going.

I may not be able to workout as much as I like, and sometimes I need to leave the gym not long after I get there, but even the professional PTs in the media are now realising how difficult it can be and how motivated you need to keep goals in check post baby.


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