The stress is real and its going to kill Gen Y

I read an article with a friend of mine the other day that said each generation is going through a midlife crisis earlier in their lives. So our generation, Gen Y, is currently experiencing a mid 20’s life crisis.

That is scary!

But it does explain a few things. Its no wonder we are all feeling the pressure at such a young age. I thought it was just us, when we decided to have a family young, but it would appear not.

If your not part of the Gen Y bracket, you might be thinking what pressures could you possibly have in your 20’s? Well ill tell you.

First there’s getting a good job. And I don’t just mean at maccas, this job needs to be a well respected job, that pays well and fulfils some itch inside of you. A job that you can be happy about going to everyday of your life, because you will probably be stuck there for a long time after what comes next. How do you get this job? with experience from your experience of working 12 months without pay.

Your nice job will pay for your house, and if you live in Sydney be prepared to just pay to live in a house, because at the rate house prices are going, even rentals, you will be working to live. So it seems like more are following suit and moving back in with the parents (or in-laws) because its cheaper. Im not even sure how long its going to take to move out, even if there were two incomes of equal value coming in.

Then there are all the other stressors that come with moving out, paying the ever increasing electricity/gas/water bills, mobile phone plans which are ridiculously overpriced, cars, toll roads, food, internet (also stupid price), gym memberships and credit cards. If you have a young family you have even more to worry about, childcare fees that are as big as your pay check, school fees, uniforms, books, pencils, life experiences for the kids, toys. And sure the kids don’t NEED heaps of stuff, but then they need to do things and have places they can make fun, and you can’t do that with no backyard and a few dollars to last a week. And thats only the start of it.

Oh but don’t forget to look after your mental health, by looking after yourself!

Before I get any comments about how the baby boomers did all the same things and got married younger and still survived when they only got paid $300 a week.

Its all relative.

Your $300 a week was when getting a pie, a drink and a custard tart for lunch was 20c, when buying a house was $3000 and mobile phones and internet didn’t even exist.

Everything around Gen Y is increasing at an exponential rate except our incomes, we have so much pressure around us to do everything perfectly, and make sure we fit everything in. Its no wonder we have such a high level of mental health problems. Our stress levels are so high already, I worry for the next generation that comes through, what will our children be dealing with, will it be worse or will it get better because we just can’t keep up.

You will have to excuse me while I borrow my in-laws car and camper trailer, to go camping for the two nights Hayden has free from work once a month to look after our own mental health. Because life in your 20’s is harder than it used to be, and we are all just trying to keep up and fit in.



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