Social Media is changing the way we view ourselves.

In a world where everything seems perfect, how do you keep up?

How do you feel like you have succeeded at your own life when everyone around looks like their doing better?

How do you make your life ‘matter’ when you don’t get as many ‘likes’ as someone else?

Does this make me less of a mum, less of a person, less of a contributor to society?

These are just some of the questions I have seen raised in the world of social media. A world where people feel like if they can’t capture the perfect spring cleaning session in a house that looks like it hasn’t been lived in, or a perfect set of cupcakes for a birthday, a perfect photo of their one year old that is clear and beautiful (what the!) that it isn’t as valuable or as memorable as someone else who does.

The amount of times I’ve heard the statements, ‘My life isn’t Pinterest worthy’, or ‘I don’t know why i keep scrolling, it just makes me feel shit about my life’ is ridiculous. Social media is for keeping connected with friends and family, to be proud of our achievements and show them what we are up to.

Its only human to compare and strive for success, to judge your life on the merit of others. But I ask you this, how do you know its all true to name? How do you know that their lives are as peachy as that one image, that their child hasn’t just thrown a tantrum all day and her mum doesn’t want to admit to herself that that behaviour is normal.

That others don’t want to admit to change, to questions, fears and worries. To accept commitment, to show loneliness, messiness, and failure.

No one wants to show off their wrong doings, but maybe thats exactly what we all need to see. To see that we are all the same, we do all fail sometimes and that the struggle is real.

Real enough to set someone on the right path, real enough to open someones eyes to their new path or dry them from a day of tears. To give them that boost of motivation and encouragement for their struggle.

Post something real for a change, and let someone in.


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