You are not empty up there I promise

I had to really hold back my mum voice today. And although I find myself increasingly holding back this one was different. It wasn’t just about you, it was about all little boys and kids for that matter.

You may be busy but you certainly have more than ‘nothing up there.’ 

Nothing. Boys have nothing up there. There’s nothing going on, no thought processes no feelings – that’s what I was told, while watching you play.

The wind could have blown me over in disbelief.

If you had ‘nothing’ up there, how do you explore everyday, learn and discover. That nothingness is helping you understand how to be caring and affectionate. How to respond and react to your surroundings. 

In almost two years you have developed so much emotionally and physically that it’s almost unbelievable.

And although the comment could have come across wrong, the people around you need to realise what they say effects young minds, your mind. A mind that will  be the voice pushing you to do great things or hold you back when no one is around. A mind that shows you possibilities beyond what you think you are capable of. 

Saying there’s nothing going on, is already pulling you down before you have had a change to be great. 

Just because you don’t tell everyone what’s going on in your head doesn’t mean nothing is going on.

They have no idea what you’re capable of.


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