Life is harder than everyone thinks

Life is hard.

Its harder than people let on, and if anyone tells you its not hard, they are lying.

Every single person struggles at some point, some struggles are more intense than others. Some last longer than others, and some people feel like they never get a break.

It feels like there is so much at stake, that some days can be unbearable with worry and stress. Decisions need to be made, some that feel like are sealing your fate. Decisions that lead you down two different paths, that at times can feel like you just want to build a bridge to the other side and change your path right then and there.

To go back and change that very first decision that started it all, the one that although seems to give you what you need in life, doesn’t give you what you want in life. One that can make you feel so stuck in limbo, that you really don’t know where to start to change it.

Some days it seems like your fighting back against, well, everyone. But your really fighting against yourself. Your own stop. A stop that makes you believe your not good enough. A stop that believes everything that everyone says to you. One that limits you to your chosen path because you’re too old, too dumb, too smart, don’t have any money, earning too much to leave, or don’t know where to start.

And its hard. Its hard to make that call, especially when there are more than just you involved. Its hard to make a change when you don’t have a risky personality. Because thats what it comes down to. Life is all about risk and reward.

Its about taking opportunities that are presented to you, and finding a way to do what you want to do, to live the life you want to live. Failure is stored as experience and lots of failures mean a hell of a lot of experiences. Each one different from the next, because you learn, and change your tactics.

Life is already hard enough without your own pressure. Find what you want to do and chase it, chase it hard.


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