Motherhood is a balancing act

Someone or something always gets left out.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try and fit everything in, it just never works out the way you had hoped. Nine times out of ten, something gets left out, but once in a while its someone.

Its not something intended in a nasty way, its done in order to keep going. Without give, the whole juggle will come crashing down around you. The juggling act may not always seem visible, but you can be sure its there. Like dodge ’em cars in your head, each task bumping into each other, some push others out to the far edges, sometimes just far enough to stay out of sight, no matter how long or short term that thought has been bouncing around in there. Some are pushed to the side on purpose in order to get just the right amount done for the day without burning out, with the hope that it won’t go too far out of sight, you forget what it was all together.

But some times it just doesn’t work. Things are forgotten, and tasks not done. Some days are spent at home watching tv and playing small games, these are the days you need to remember something. It’s not that I don’t care what you’re doing, it’s that I care too much for the future. The short term and the long. The balance can be very rocky at times, but we get through.

We scrapped the to do lists a long time ago, they became too long and overwhelming, too much of a reminder of what I can’t get done in a day and how much my day doesn’t go to plan. So we make a done list, a list we can feel accomplished in our day. One that shows all the tasks we did today, big and small. And you know what, we get a lot done, but we still forget a lot of things too, and thats ok.

I’m not super mum, I never expected to be, I just hope you can see the things piled up on my plate are for the benefit of your future.


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