We do it all

We as mothers, do it all.

We leave little time for ourselves in the name of love, and would do it all again in a heartbeat. 

We are not selfish, nor self absorbed.

We are the keeper of all things, and yet the taker of none.

We hold all our worries close to our chest, while allowing you to play freely.

We create our own worth, and sometimes yours is put above the rest.

We improve ourselves, with the hope you will follow by example.

We show no fear, at times when it’s crippling us inside.

We often lose ourselves when we are introduced to you.

We sacrifice our sleep, our sanity, our days off.

We don’t get to walk away, run away, or tap out.

We Pride ourselves in your work and your achievements, and should do the same for ourselves.

We are your teacher, your chef, your entertainer, your playmate, your best friend and your comfort when everything goes wrong.

And it doesn’t seem to matter how many times we promise to take time for ourselves, we just never quite manage to do so, because your always on our mind. 

Something we promised we would commit to the day we laid eyes on you.


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