You joined me just like that

You snuck into our lives so swiftly and quietly.

Just like that, you joined me in my days and nights. By the time I realised you were with me, you had already grown such a strong heart beat.

Your silent entry into our lives has made some decisions come a lot harder than others, but some certainly easier. It has once again allowed us to trust in the process of a greater plan, and although speeding up part of our timeline you have made sure that we don’t lose sight of what’s truely important.

But your entry doesn’t come without fears and worries, without hesitation or questions. Your father and I now have two of you to consider in every decision we make, not only financially but emotionally, physically, and mentally. I now especially know what I’m in for in terms of mental health, stress and lack of sleep, motivation and at some times understanding, except this time I will also have an emotionally overloaded toddler.

My anxiety is high and maybe it’s because I realise just how low i can get in that first year. I already have a lot to juggle but I want to make sure you have the same emotional welcome into this world as your brother did, without leaving  him out.

You are both important to me and loved all the same, and it will take a big learning curve to get into the swing of things, but we will work it out, we always do.


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