Respect your words

My responsibility as your mother is to teach you how to be respectful in every sense possible. And the best way to teach you anything is to lead by example.
Maybe when your older you will understand that our games are the best teaching aid around. That through laughter, you gain the knowledge and respect for a set of words so important in the rest of your life. 

So when we play games that involve tickles, and raspberries, tumbling and hiding, and you say ‘stop it’…I stop. 

I don’t keep going because you sound like your enjoying it, I don’t keep going because your smiling or laughing. And certainly not because I’m having fun too. I stop because you said so. And when your ready for more you say ‘go’. 

It’s that simple.

It works. It may make our playtime more interesting at times, but you understand the meaning of the words your using. You become more aware of what is being said around you, and you become more aware of what is going on especially when your playing, with other kids.

And here’s my hope. That you will always respect your words, understand that they have power behind them and power in them. Know that you can make or break someone with just one phrase, one word even.

You will not just grow up knowing this because you are a boy, but because you are human, you are a child, and one day, you will become a part of society as an adult.

Use your words wisely, and more importantly, listen to those words spoken to you, for one day, those words might be what keeps you out of serious trouble.


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