Story time is about creating dreams

There’s something about fairy tales that I don’t quite like, they don’t quite sit well.

Maybe it’s the fact that every story has a happy ending, and that’s not quite true.

Or maybe it’s the fact that some of the messages are a little bit skewed for this day and age.

Stories are a favourite part of our day and something you use in your dreams, so forgive me if I want these stories we share to reflect the values we share as a family. 

See you are capable of travelling through life off the beaten track, to wonder what’s beyond that tree over there. 

Or to stand up for yourself when those around you are ganging up on you, leaving you to take on the task alone. 

But you are capable of achieving on your own, you will not have to rely on a group around you, for that group will not always stand there with you when you really need them.

You will master the skills to fend off a bad guy, to help those in need or to fight for what you believe is right. 

Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, for that is what will drive you in every aspect of your life, it will push you further, help you achieve more and encourage you to dream bigger


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