Tomorrow is a new day

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is remember that tomorrow is a new day. To really wake up fresh and change the course of our day together. 

To recognise that your not annoying me on purpose, or that your not being difficult just because you can. You feel the same things I do; we get cooped up when we have been inside too long, we get bored of the same toys or things around us, we get frustrated when we are tired and yet struggle to recognise the pattern. Your terrible twos are aligning with my pregnancy hormones, together some days we accomplish more frustration than we did before in one whole week. It leaves me with a feeling of needing to get away, to just not have you hang off me, squash me or whinge. And yet when your not with me, I watch and wait till you can come home, so I have to remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. A change is as good as a holiday, you are only little and I am just pregnant, everything is temporary an for good reason. Understanding and recognising is the only way we are going to enjoy our days at home together, and they will be more important than ever when your new brother or sister arrives.


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